V. Sue Cleveland High School

Rio Rancho, NM

Since this facility opened it has earned multiple awards for design excellence. Designed by Van H. Gilbert Architect and Fanning Howey Associates, Bill Conner Associates worked with the team to design the various performance spaces in the school.

The largest space is the Concert Theatre, designed as an 1100-seat dedicated music venue with adjustable acoustics and a view window to Sandia Mountain that can be closed for performances. There is a drama classroom which is a flexible space operating like a black box theatre with expanded capabilities. The space can be configured for arena, end stage and thrust usage. The production studio is a small video studio including a pipe grid, curtains and a dimming system.

Architect Design Award (article)

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Evansville North Junior & High School

Evansville, IN

The Evansville Vanderburg School Corporation in south west Indiana continued to grow to the point where a new school was needed to the north. VPS Architects of Evansville selected Bill Conner Associates LLC to assist in the design of the theatre and the equipment. The new space would support the junior and senior high school as well as community events.

The new theatre space is intended for multiple use and includes 1,000 seats arranged on two levels. The stage includes a full rigging and curtain system including motorized sets for lighting and the orchestra shell system. BCA also designed a complete state of the art lighting control system as well as the lighting design. BCA designed acoustic curtain systems for the band and choral rooms.

Wadsworth High School

Wadsworth, OH

Bill Conner Associates LLC is proud to have worked with Risinger + Associates of Chicago on a new High School campus for Wadsworth High School in north east Ohio. Part of a 70,000 SF community center that includes a YMCA facility, this theatre is a major upgrade over the facilities previously available to the high school. The building was partially funded by the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

The new auditorium includes 786 seats arranged in one level with raised seating in a parterre section. The stage includes a full rigging and curtain system with motorized sets for lighting and the orchestra shell system. A removable orchestra pit filler system is included for use during the school's annual musicals. An acoustic curtain is included at the rear of the auditorium to adjust the reverberation time of the room. BCA designed a state of the art lighting control system and the lighting design for the auditorium spaces.

​Design Excellence Award (article)

School for Creative & Performing Arts

Cincinnati, OH

The new 252,000 square foot school was developed by the partnership of CR Architecture, Fanning Howey Associates and Moody-Nolan. The four-story school, which opened in 2010, is the first publicly funded K-12 arts school in the country. The school features four performance and laboratory spaces designed by Bill Conner Associates. 

The facility includes a 750-seat auditorium with well-equipped stage house and a 300-seat small concert and drama theatre and a black box theatre. A small light lab is also included as classroom space.

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Princeton High School

Cincinnati, OH

Bill Conner Associates LLC has again teamed with CR Architecture and Fanning Howey for Princeton Schools' new Junior and High School campus.  The crown jewel of the campus is to be a large multipurpose auditorium to serve the district's robust music and theatre departments.

The auditorium has seating for just over 1,000 audience members on two levels.  A modified stage house allows for flexible configurations.  The building is designed to grow with the possibilities for a full orchestra pit and orchestra shell in the future.  BCA designed the seating, rigging, orchestra pit system, lighting controls and lighting design.

New Mexico Military Institute

Roswell, NM

New Mexico Military Institute is a state-supported college preparatory military high school and junior college, founded in 1891. The campus grounds are comprised of an impressive array of “military gothic” buildings. Van H. Gilbert Architects of Albuquerque was contracted to work with NMMI to update and renovate Pearson Hall. Pearson Hall is a proscenium house with balcony, stage gridiron and an orchestra pit. There was much consideration of the historical impact for all renovation work as well as support for the school’s 1923 Wurlitzer organ.

Renovation work included removal of the seating and reconfiguring the floor and balcony for current standards. An addition was added on one side for support spaces and as an accessible entry. BCA designed new motorized rigging, orchestra shell, the orchestra pit lift and dimming system. Also in BCA’s scope was lighting design in the auditorium and the addition’s public spaces which included renovation of some existing fixtures and supplemental lighting to improve intensity at the seats.

Architect Design Award (article)

John Cooper School

The Woodlands, TX

Morris Architects selected Bill Conner Associates LLC as their theatre consultant for this private college prep school. BCA provided general programming, sightlines, seating, rigging and lighting designs for this new performing arts building which includes a 500-seat main stage proscenium theatre and a large black box space. The owner requested a well equipped and professional level theatre space that can be easily used by their students and staff well into the future. 

Equipment for the facility includes a full single purchase counterweight rigging system, theatrical lighting systems, theatrical luminaires, orchestra shell system, motorized acoustic curtains, black box platform system and an orchestra pit platform system (soon to be upgraded to pit elevator).  Also included is an architectural lighting system with 3-color LED cove lights, making it possible to change the look and mood of the audience space at the push of a button.

Bill Conner Associates LLC

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Western Dubuque High School

Epworth, IA

BCA worked with Neumann Monson Architects on the design of this 800 seat theatre located in the rural areas to the west of Dubuque.  The Performing Arts Center was part of a larger addition and renovation scheme to upgrade the existing building facilities.  

The stage is a modified working stage, complete with an orchestra shell, orchestra pit with filler system, more than 30 linesets of rigging, a full state-of-the art hybrid lighting control system.  BCA also provided lighting design services.

Central High School

Rapid City, SD

As the Theatre Consultant to Neumman Monson Wichtor Architects in Sioux City, BCA assisted in the design and systems specifications for a major addition to this high school very near downtown Rapid City.  The new auditorium is a substantial upgrade over a dated, small theatre built with the original building.  The new 700-seat space can accommodate the scale of programs expected, be it music, drama or musical theatre in addition to community events.

BCA designed the seating, rigging and controls, lighting controls, lighting design and all associated theatre systems.

Jackson Preparatory School

Flowood, MS

Bill Conner Associates LLC is proud to have been selected by Jackson Preparatory Academy and Dale Partners to consult on a new performing arts building.  Jackson Prep had a very active theatre and show choir program which was challenged by an undersized facility, lacking seating capacity and support spaces.

BCA assisted in the design of a very economical 1,000 seat space which met the owner's requirements for large capacity and high production values.  Using a “catwalk stage” concept in lieu of a full fly tower the new McRae Stage can handle all of Jackson Prep's ambitious shows.  The stage includes a handful of motorized hoists to move scenery.  The lighting control system is a “hybrid” composed of both quartz and solid state equipment.  An limited orchestra pit with filler system is included.

BCA also designed the remodeled existing theatre, changing it into a new hall to be part of Jackson Prep's Center for Arts & Leadership.  By re-shaping the audience seating and closing down the proscenium the remodeled space is capable of handling lecture, recitals and other small scale presentations.

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