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Alley Theatre Renovation

Houston, TX

The Alley Theatre is a professional resident theatre company that has been part of downtown Houston since 1965 when it built it's permanent home with a unique thrust stage.  For the past several years Bill Conner Associates LLC and the firm Studio Red Architects have been working with the the owner and production staff to fundamentally change the stage, auditorium and backstage spaces for the next generation's productions.  The goal has been to improve the audience – performer relationship as well as update production infrastructure and code compliance.  The design involves completely reshaping and remodeling the auditorium seating and envelope, the addition of a new stage house with motorized rigging, a substantial stage trap system and major upgrades to the lighting systems.  A critical part of the design is maintaining the “Alleyness” of the space.

Bill Conner Associates LLC has participated in the design through several iterations.  BCA is responsible for the design of seating, stage rigging systems, stage trap systems, stage lift machinery, production lighting controls and lighting design.  Completion of this complicated remodel is expected in 2015, with all work completed in one production season.

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