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Bill Conner Associates LLC

Chicago: Bill Conner FASTC  637 North Marion Street  Oak Park IL 60302    (708) 437-0505

Bill Conner Associates LLC

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A What?

Theatre consultants are design professionals that specialize in the design of theatres, buildings for worship and other places of public assembly.  We have wide-ranging experience in all sorts of performance venues.  We are typically engaged by owners or architects to provide specific expertise and design of auditoria, stages and related spaces.  A few of the where places we can help:

  • Space Planning
  • Seating Design and Sightline Studies
  • Manual and Motorized Stage Rigging System Design
  • Curtain and Track Systems
  • Stage Lighting Control Systems and Equipment
  • Lighting Design
  • Orchestra Pits and Stage Lifts
  • Orchestra Shells and Variable Acoustics
  • Codes and Standards related to theatres and spaces for public assembly


We work with Owners, architects, acoustic consultants, engineers, artists and directors to provide solutions which transform concept into reality.  We can help create intimate and magical spaces that exceed your expectations.